A Spectre Calls

“These Zoom meetings will be the death of me…”

The critically acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company invite you to join them online for a hilariously hair-raising interactive show. Meet Madame Okulté as she leads a séance with the power to summon spooky stories from across the web. Part comedy horror anthology and part, well, video conference call, A Spectre Calls is an experience unlike any other. This Halloween, if there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, the question you need to ask yourself is: Who’s gonna call YOU?

The audience are invited to participate at key moments and are a vital part of this live experience. May not be suitable for those of a nervous disposition or children under the age of 12.


Book now for shows on 30 and 31 October 2020

“I’ve watched and reviewed a lot of theatre during lockdown that has been unfortunately hampered by its living room setting. The Pantaloons bravely… turned it on its head and for that alone tonight was a success; throw in the perfect Pantaloons play on words and puns and it was my lockdown highlight.”
(North West End review of our previous Zoom show ‘Stay Holmes’)