This Halloween, the critically acclaimed Pantaloons invite you to join them online for a hilariously hair-raising interactive show.

Meet Madame Okulté as she leads a séance with the power to summon spooky stories from across the web.

Part comedy horror anthology and part, well, video conference call, A Spectre Calls is an experience unlike any other.

The Pantaloons, like many other theatre companies, began producing online shows during the pandemic. Their first was an online version of Sherlock Holmes called Stay Holmes which had a sell-out run of shows and garnered five star reviews.

Stay Holmes used the Zoom video conference call format to enable us to perform a show that was still interactive despite being remote,” says writer-director Mark Hayward. “It’s this interactive, experiential element that keeps online shows feeling like live theatre, otherwise they risk seeming just like a very low budget film!”

The Pantaloons went on to perform their adaptation of Sherlock Holmes outdoors this summer too; in fact, the company managed to perform 70 open air shows around England from July to September.

“For our newest online show,” says Hayward, “we have decided to create something that absolutely would not work in any other format.  For example there’s a story set in a business Zoom meeting that takes a very sinister turn and there’s a video call between two friends that gets hijacked by outside forces. It is a show that can only exist live and online and it absolutely needs an audience to work.”

This Halloween, if there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, the question you need to ask yourself is:

Who’s gonna call YOU?