MacBeth (2010)

Somehow, over the years, Macbeth has gained a reputation as a cursed play. There are numerous accounts of actors sustaining injuries on stage, scenery falling down, riots breaking out and portals to other dimensions being opened. Actually, that last one might have just been an episode of Doctor Who. Regardless, we at The Pantaloons do not believe in curses. In fact our official postition on all things supernatural is: “Piffle”.

So in 2010 we decided to tackle The Scottish Play regardless. And what a tackle it was! There was more than a hint of film noir about the whole thing, from Malcolm as trenchcoated narrator to Banquo’s murder on an expertly mimed steam train (complete with talcum powder steam effects). And there were other surprises along the way. The three witches were puppets that could be scary if they wanted but mostly played it for laughs and somehow the Porter morphed into a recurring character called Aunt Fanny (don’t ask – you should have seen it).

Reviewers loved it, audiences loved it. All in all it was a resounding success and at no point was there the teeniest tiniest hint of any silly “curse”.

Okay, so during rehearsals one member of the cast was rushed into hospital for an emergency appendectomy but what of that?


“Outstanding outdoor theatre… made the Bard more appealing and enjoyable to a wider audience.”

East Anglian Daily Times