The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company are touring the UK this spring with their hilarious new verse adaptation of The Odyssey with live music and their own inimitable brand of buffoonery.

Sing, Muse, of the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons and their hilarious new verse adaptation of the most epic journey of all time…

Stranded war hero Odysseus must struggle against the odds to get home to his wife; but can he battle his way through grumpy gods, naughty nymphs, monocular monsters and over a hundred sleazy suitors?

All whilst wearing an Ancient Greek robe that looks suspiciously like a bedsheet? Or will he – and The Pantaloons – remain all at sea…?

With a cast of just four talented actor-musicians playing an epic number of roles, audiences can expect plenty of quick-changes and (sometimes literally) larger-than-life characters.

This fast-paced production, brimming with comic energy, is sure to put a smile on even the face of even the most world-weary traveller; with audience interaction, contemporary references, slapstick and original live music all nestled comfortably within the sparkling new verse.

The Pantaloons began life over ten years ago busking plays for donations in parks and on the streets, where they developed an attention-grabbing, interactive and playful performance style.

Since then The Pantaloons’ reach, popularity and reputation has grown each year, picking up plenty of loyal followers, garnering lots of critical acclaim and quickly becoming one of the country’s most prolific touring companies, indoors and out.

Mark Hayward, co-writer and director of The Odyssey says “We characterise our work as post-modern folk theatre. “We take well-loved tales and give them a contemporary twist, making them accessible for new audiences and showing seasoned fans something that they perhaps had not seen in them before.”

The company has tackled classics such as The War of the Worlds, The Canterbury Tales, Pride and Prejudice, The Importance of Being Earnest, Bleak House and the complete History of Britain as well as many Shakespeare plays.

This new adaptation of The Odyssey works as an introduction for those unfamiliar with the legendary story and as an exciting new approach for fans of Homer and ancient Greek mythology.

There will be no jokes about pottery. They are not the way to urn respect.