Dare You Enter?

Turn Back?Continue Forth?



Welcome, traveller, to the Vault of Lost Shows. Here you will find the Strange, the Not-Quite and the Forgotten.

These are the one-offs that had all too brief a lifespan, the multimedia projects that are rarely seen or heard and the mini-plays never to be performed again. Please, take a look around but take care not to linger too long or you too might well become a Lost Show…

KING LEAR (2006)

During our 2006 tour of Romeo and Juliet and Cymbeline some members of the young Pantaloons ensemble were borrowed by Britain in Print to record some extracts from Shakespeare’s King Lear. It will probably be a while before The Pantaloons tackle this tragedy on stage (my guess: about 2021) so all you Lear fans will have to make do with these:

You see something glistening in the distance, delver further into The Vault to discover what it might be.


Our Tour of Terror took place on Halloween 2010 in the town of Saffron Walden in Essex. Audience members were taken on a walking tour on the spooky side of town risking being scared to death, turned into a frog, hijacked by a highwayman or eaten by the terrifying Basilisk of Saffron Walden! Which is not just a sock puppet. Honest. You can watch the trailer that accompanied the event if you like.


After rummaging around some boxes of old books and scripts, you come across a box full of old photos that appear to be of a horse in a flowery dress. You decide that you’ve seen enough for one day. Time to leave The Vault.