The Pantaloons are a young, vibrant theatre company whose style draws from a wide variety of popular theatre traditions from commedia dell’arte and clowning to stand-up comedy and silent movies.

The Pantaloons are a company dedicated to making theatre which is accessible yet intelligent, taking inspiration from an eclectic mix of popular forms and re-inventing these to produce imaginative and innovative work. Our style is self-aware and playful, with one foot constantly in the world of the here-and-now while the other remains within the world of illusion. Our ethos is one of collaboration, both with our audiences and within the group itself. We maintain an emphasis on physicality and on audience interaction, and our aim is always to produce performance which is experimental, eye-catching, moving and fun.

Can you feel the magic? No?

Then you’re not at a Pantaloons theatre show!


Smiles cracked



of people entertained


Talking horses hired

What’s on this year?

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Spring 2017 Season

Will Mrs Bennet manage to offload her numerous daughters in record time? Will Lizzy and Darcy actually get together? Will creepy Mr Collins just go away please? The literary classic gets the full Pantaloons treatment in this beautifully hilarious and delightfully innovative adaptation.

Summer 2017 Season

Midsummer night. An enchanted forest. Puck and his musical fairy band tell a tale of lovers, mechanicals, and magical mayhem. The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons present their innovative and hilarious open-air version of Shakespeare’s timeless comedy – told, as ever, in their own distinctive and anarchic style.


This space has been put aside for a video clip, a video clip of quite possibly the greatest thing to ever have graced this planet*. Prepare for the awesome-ness to load.

ROMEO and JULIET (2016)

Romance! Potions! Swordfights! Tragically-slow messengers! Here’s a video of The Pantaloons production of Romeo and Juliet as you’ve never seen it before – in rehearsal!

*We must disclose that it may not be the greatest video to ever exist, we are aware that a baby monkey riding a pig is probably the best video of all time.

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