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In April 2021 we began a new series of online panels called Talking Theatre.

You can view previous episodes here. Keep an eye on our social media for updates about how to join us live for future episodes!

The Pantaloons Talking Theatre is a series of lively online panels looking at areas of interest in our work as artists and academics. Everyone is invited to attend these free panels – students and academics, theatre professionals, actors and audiences – anyone with even a passing interest in what we think about when we put our shows together!

Episode 1 | Shakespeare Here and Now

Episode 2 | Adaptation

Lend us your ears


Before we began our Talking Theatre series we gave traditional, audio-only podcasting a couple of goes.

You can listen to the episodes we recorded right here!

1. As You Like It

by Mark Hayward and Stephen Purcell | Podcasts

2. Adaptation

by Mark Hayward and Stephen Purcell | Podcasts