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Yes, we have a talking horse in charge of our press office. What of it?

Hello! How are you? Here’s some Pantaloons news straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, the horse is dictating as he cannot type with his hooves.


Cinderella comes to Bedford in 2019

People of Bedford (and beyond)! You are cordially invited to Prince Charming's Annual Ball 2019! Unfortunately due to a typo it will have to be held at The Place rather than The Palace... Nevertheless, please dress to impress (no rags, no Buttons allowed,...

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Open-air Theatre 2018

Do you like picnics? Do you like sunshine? Do you like innovative, engaging and hilarious theatre? Then you're in luck! This summer we're touring two open-air productions around the UK... The Importance of Being Earnest Everybody loves Ernest. In fact, Cecily and...

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The Pantaloons Community Touring Programme

No, don’t move – we’ll come to you! Have you ever wished that The Pantaloons would visit your local village hall, church, school, library or other non-theatre location? Saving you the anguish of missing one of our shows or the cost of travelling across the country to...

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Play On! this Sunday

Join us for an amusing and enlightening evening of Shakespearean spontaneity as a crack team of professional actors play their way through some of the Bard's funniest scenes; with YOU as the director! Watch as a talented cast hilariously implement audience suggestions...

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Brand new website

Yes! We have a new website. This is it. We hope you enjoy navigating around it, clicking on things and generally internetting about on it. We anticipate that there could be some teething problems so do let us know if you spot anything odd. Enjoy!georgia payday...

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