The theatre industry is in jeopardy and there is no clear road to recovery. However, outdoor performances may be the first chance anyone gets to see a live show again and we plan to be one of the first theatre companies back out there, performing in the flesh.

So, we’re currently pushing our open-air tour dates later into the summer (our earliest performances are now in mid-July) to increase the chances of actually being able to perform them. Our schedule is constantly shifting so we will keep listings on our website up to date and contact anyone affected by the changes.

We believe that when we get back out on the road we can do so safely, in line with any guidelines, and without endangering the health of our performers or the public. It will mean making some big changes to how we, and our audiences, operate but the crucial thing is we can do this and still entertain you in our own inimitable way! It’s going to be worth it.

Tickets will be limited as we will have to reduce audience numbers for the purposes of social distancing. The shows will be shorter to eliminate the need for an interval (and the queue for the loo). We will tour with minimal equipment and may have to do some things at a weird distance on stage – but if The Pantaloons can’t make that fun, then who can?!

Also, you may have seen our little tease on Monday; we are producing some live, interactive online performances for those who cannot get to a rescheduled show, are isolating or who just want to experience something a bit different from the comfort of their own homes. Watch this space for more on those online shows very soon.

There are no guarantees our plan to perform outdoors is going to work as the situation is constantly changing, but we will continue to react in the moment and change course as necessary. Suffice to say, if we can find a way to entertain you, we’ll do it.

Stay well.