The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company are going online with their historically hysterical sketch show, The (almost) Complete History of Britain this April.

With mud, blood and stiff upper-lips, the family-friendly show presents our country’s past as you’ve never seen it before.

Join a breathless race through the centuries in this delightfully inventive show that tells the entire story of Britain in under 90 minutes on the Zoom platform.

Have you ever wanted to see the life of Henry VIII told through the medium of video dating self-tapes or the tale of the Spanish Armada as a light operetta? Well, look no further as The (almost) Complete History of Britain realises these dreams and more.

The Pantaloons began life 17 years ago as an open-air theatre company, busking plays for donations in parks and on the streets, where they developed an attention-grabbing, interactive and playful performance style.

From these resolutely low-tech beginnings the company have recently gained plenty of experience in digital theatre, producing in 2020 alone: Stay Holmes, an online Sherlock Holmes adaptation; A Spectre Calls, an original interactive Halloween compilation show; a Zoom-based pantomime of Cinderella; and a virtual murder mystery/escape room hybrid called The Crime Machine.

They have crafted The (almost) Complete History of Britain with the knowledge garnered from creating these productions and hope it will be their greatest online show to date.

“We try to embrace Zoom as a platform – all it’s limitations and all of the opportunities it provides,” explains director Mark Hayward. “We are not simply filming a stage production and streaming it or pretending it is a like-for-like substitute for live theatre. This show is designed specially to work as a Zoom call. We invite people to talk back, we play games with them, we use the chat function – and the sketches are designed around formats that work on screen rather than stage.”

Gather your family on the sofa, log in and prepare for the journey of several lifetimes.

Warning: some scenes may not be historically accurate. The Pantaloons recommend that children do not repeat anything they learn in the show in a history exam, just in case.

The (almost) Complete History of Britain is being performed live on Zoom on 10 and 11 April 2021 at 3pm and 8pm.

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