This summer The Pantaloons theatre company are bringing Shakespeare’s classic comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor to open-air and indoor venues around the country.

Sir John Falstaff, everyone’s favourite Shakespearean sleazeball, has fallen on hard times. In order to fix his finances he plans to seduce the wives of two wealthy merchants. But, wise to his wily ways, the ladies take the opportunity to punish Falstaff by playing a series of hilarious tricks on the nincompoop knight.

Expect silly slapstick, abundant anachronisms and memorable music nestled amongst Shakespeare’s poignant poetry as the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons put their own innovative and interactive spin on the closest thing to a sitcom that Shakespeare ever wrote.

Although the title mentions Windsor, The Pantaloons will be setting each unique performance in the town they are currently visiting – and using audience suggestions to fill in all the necessary details – to (hopefully!) hilarious effect.

The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons began life twenty years ago busking plays for donations in parks and on the streets, where they developed an attention-grabbing, interactive and playful performance style.

Even covid couldn’t stop this dynamic company who managed to tour socially-distanced outdoor shows in 2020 and 2021 and were among the first companies to be back in theatres when they reopened.

“It’s important for us to be there for our audiences who have been so supportive of us over the years,” says producer Mark Hayward. “And in the current cost of living crisis we are committed to keeping our ticket prices as low as we can to keep theatre accessible to as many people as possible.”

So bring your seasoned Bard-fans and Shakespeare novices alike for an unforgettable evening of riotous renaissance revenge!