The Pantaloons Mystery Games - Troubleshooting

Our mystery games have two components:

  1. The game book
  2. Webpages with additional clues

The webpages can be visited by scanning the QR codes in the book or by manually entering the addresses in your internet browser address bar.

When you solve puzzles in the game book they will sometimes provide codes that need to be entered into the webpages in order to unlock further clues you need. (This allows our games to emulate the experience of an escape room where you often have to enter codes into a lock in order to progress.)

The process of completing the game should be:

  1. Solve a section of puzzles in the game book
  2. Use the solutions to work out a code
  3. Enter the code in the associated webpage at the end of each section
  4. Unlock clues you need in the next section of the game book
  5. Repeat step one, etc

Here are some common problems and the possible solutions:

Problem – A puzzle in the game book seems unsolvable – there is missing information.
Solution – Make sure you have completed all of the previous pages, visited the webpages at the end of each section and entered in the correct codes. Some clues are on the website and not in the game book. You can also visit the Hints and Solutions page (see link/address on p1 of your game book).

Problem – QR codes are not working on your device.
Solution – Type the web addresses into your internet browser’s address bar by hand.

Problem – Passwords/codes are not unlocking the password-protected pages.
Solution – First double-check you are on the correct webpage – they all look the same when asking for a password so check the address bar on your internet browser is showing the same one as your current page in the game book. Assuming the page is correct, you may have the wrong code. There is no shame in checking the Hints and Solutions page (see link/address on p1 of your game book) to make sure you have the correct answers to the puzzles!

If you are still encountering issues with any part of the game, do not hesitate to contact us.