The Search for Cardenio

Welcome to The Search for Cardenio.

Have your game book and a pen at the ready and watch the video below to begin your quest!

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Good morrow! ‘Tis I, the ghost of William Shakespeare!

I have returned for I have unfinished business – my lost play! Cardenio.

I need help to recover it. Your help!

Frankly I’m sick of everyone doing the same few titles over and over again and if you find my lost play I can finally move on.

But if you fail in your task I will haunt you forever.

Since it’s been over 400 years I can’t remember where I put that blasted play but I have sent you all the clues you need to find it – chiefly in my journal which you should now have in front of you.

Alas, being a ghost I can no longer hold a quill to solve the puzzles myself.

But I can provide additional clues for you here on the internet – which I have learnt to use from beyond the grave.

Back in my day we only had MySpace.

Soon you may break the seal on my notebook and begin your quest for my lost play.

Your first task will be to open this chest.

Take it. Well go on. You’ll have to mime it. Use the magic of theatre to take the chest through the screen.

I’m just going to assume you’ve done it.

The mime chest has a 4-digit code that you will need to unlock it. A code which is hidden throughout my works.

Like the Da Vinci code but even more tenuous.

You may now break the seal on my notebook and begin Act One Scene One!

Remember! Fail in your task and my tormented ghost will haunt you forever…!

Good luck!